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This month we have worked up a great back circuit, that you can usually get done in under 15 minutes!
So, you are sick and tired of being tired when you paddle out. Well we have got the answer that may help some of your pain. This workout is really going to work those paddling muscles, and help get you ready for your next surf session. What we did was string together a series of four pulling exercises to help improve your paddling speed and endurance. All you need is a set of exercise bands and you are ready to go. You want to talk about a real burner!!!
Okay, you are looking at four exercises that you have never seen before, and they may look a bit strange. We would like you to master each exercise before attempting the entire circuit. What we mean by master is that you show good control throughout the movement. This is key to achieve optimal results! When you have done this, you are ready to get down to business!

Exercise 1 The Row
This is a great exercise that helps the body with its pulling mechanics. Start in a hip width stance, knees slightly bent; belly tight, shoulders back and chest out. Pull your hands towards the armpits, and remember to keep your wrists straight. Let the arms return to the original position ands repeat for twenty repetitions.

Row Start
Row Finish

Exercise 2 Bent over Alternating Pulls
Keeping with the same foot stance, bend over at the waist. You are going to pull your hands towards your shoulders in and alternating fashion. Remember to keep the midsection tight! Perform twenty alternating pulls (10 per arm).

Alt Pull Start
Alt Pull Finish

Exercise 3 Pull With Step
Okay we are going to go back into the upright position and we need to get ready for our pull with a step. Basically it's just as the name states; we are going to step back as we simultaneously pull. This one gets a bit tricky, so make sure it is mastered before doing it in the circuit. Perform twenty alternating pull steps (that is 10 per leg).

Pull with step Start
Pull with step Finish

Exercise 4 The Stroke
This is the killer right here! I am sure you are feeling it by now, and this is the time you need to kick it up a bit. Imagine a cleanup set is coming in, and you really need to paddle you're a$$ off. Well this is the money right here. Starting in an upright position, with your arms straight out in front of you, pull down and back towards the ground, remember to keep your midsection tight. When you are in the finished position, the band should be touching the shoulder like in the picture. Return back to your upright position and perform 19 more of these monsters!

Swimmer start
Swimmer Finish

When you finish this circuit, you will have done 80 repetitions, usually in less than 90 seconds. A keynote here about this circuit is to perform it with speed! What is speed? Speed is as fast as you can perform an exercise or movement without breaking down or losing control of the movement. So speed for one person  may look extremely different to another.When to do: Whenever you want to blast your back, and you  only have minimal time for a workout, or as a warm-up to your traditional back routine.How many: Start out with one set and work your way up to three sets, when you are feeling good you can do four.

Questions: Feel free to contact us any time regarding this or any other workout at

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