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Since the summer is almost upon us here in South Florida and the rest of the good old USA, we thought a killer leg circuit would keep you guys and gals going until we get some hurricane action.  As we all know, summer surf south of Martin County, FL is limited to local wind chop.  The rest of the east coast almost always seems to be blessed with some type of swell.  I thought it was bad growing up in NJ, but since moving to Florida almost 15 years ago, I know better now! 

Legs are one of the most overlooked body parts trained by most fitness buffs, and surfers are no exception.  The legs are what tie the whole package together.   They allow you to stand, walk, run, and most importantly SURF!!!  So why not train them appropriately.

This monster leg circuit will get the blood flowing and the heart pumping!  This is definitely not  for the surfer that does not like a serious challenge.  It will challenge even the most advanced athlete or fitness enthusiast.  You will not need a leg press, extension machine or squat rack.  The only thing you will need is your own bodyweight and a pair of sneakers.  WHAT?!?!  No weights??  That's right, just your own bodyweight. This leg circuit is no joke; it will get your legs jacked like they have never been before (if you are a lactic acid junkie, this one is for you!!). If you are going snowboarding or skiing, it will also come in handy!

Don't forget your warm-up, which was can be found here.  This is an essential part of the workout, and can also can be performed prior to a good (or bad) surfing session.  Once you finish your warm-up, you will be ready to get down to business!!

The circuit  consists of 70 repetitions per set. That's right 70 not 7!! Before you start, I want you to make sure you can do a squat thrust, a mountain climber , a split jump and squat thrust jump with good form and control. So practice the four exercises prior to starting your series. I recommend a few attempts on different days to get a good feel for proper execution.

Okay, lets get going. Make sure you have your stopwatch ready. We are going to start out with 20 squats.  When we do these we want to focus on good form; feet hip to shoulder width in distance, chest and head up, core tight, knees in line with the toes.  The squat should be down to parallel or 90 degrees( if you cannot get that low, stay pain free and in a range  of  motion that is good for you).  Just watch the video a few times if you are unsure.

We then go immediately into mountain climbers.  Again focus on proper form; hands under the shoulders, a nice tight core, head inline with the spine and move in a range of motion that is comfortable for you.   Alternate the legs and complete 20 repetitions (10 per leg). Immediately following the mountain climbers go right into your split squats. Proper form is essential!  Start in a split stance, keeping the core tight and body upright.  Lower your body in a controlled fashion and immediately  explode upwards switching legs in midair.  Land softly and repeat for 20 repetitions.  These are a killer, and you legs should be feeling the burn! Let's finish it off with 10 squat thrust jumps.

All 4 exercises, 70 reps consists of one set. We will start with three sets and work up to six. Typically you can one set in 90 seconds or less. Your rest between sets depends on your finishing time. If it takes you 90 seconds to do it, rest 4 ½ minutes. That would be a 1:3 work/rest ratio. As you feel more comfortable, decrease your rest time.

You can do this leg circuit 2 times a week, say Monday and Thursday. Definitely get plenty of rest in between. After your first 2-3 weeks, you can add in additional sets, so go from three sets up to four, and so on. Enjoy the workout, and at anytime during your training you feel your form breaking down, stop and correct yourself. Look at the images on the site, and try to be in the same positions I am. Keep your core tight and stay in an upright position! Check with your doctor if you have not been training regularly.

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