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Improve your surfing performance in less than ten minutes!!
This month we have worked up a great core (the area between your hips and shoulders) workout that you can complete in ten minutes or less. The core is usually the area where most people lack proper development. It is crucial to properly train this area. A stronger core will allow you to be able to surf with more power, and also to function normally in everyday life. Most of us are usually working the abdominal muscles with crunches or sit-ups. That is okay, but most of the time that leads to muscle imbalances that will hinder your activity both in and out of the water. We like to train what we can see: chest, shoulders and the good old six pack (for many of us, a six pack in a cooler). What about the backside of your body (lower back, glutes, hamstrings etc???). 

What will lead to optimal performance is training the total core, not just the superficial muscles. When you string together a series of exercises in a circuit fashion, you can really get the job done in an efficient manner. We have put together five exercises that will rock your core, and get you stoked for your next surfing session!!! All you need is a stability ball (SB), available at, or at your local fitness store and some good music. The best way to check for sizing of a SB is to sit on one, and check the angles of your knees and hips. Both should be at 90'. Please check with you doctor before starting this and any exercise program. Okay, lets get going!

We will start out with a surfer's push-up (fig 1.)
Start with your knees on the SB and your hands on the ground underneath your shoulders. Keep you bellybutton drawn in to your spine, and lower your chest towards the ground. You should not feel any pressure in your lower back, if you do, stop, and draw that bellybutton back into the spine. This will be the same for this and very other exercise tin this circuit. (If doing the push up with the ball under your knees is to easy, roll forward to the shins and eventually the toes. When that gets too easy, you can do them with your hands on the ball.) Perform 10 repetitions if possible, but if not, do as many as you can with good form and control.

Next, we are now going into a knee paddle (fig 2)
Begin in the same position that you were in for the surfers push-up, you will draw your knees towards your chest, and then roll the SB back out to your start position. Again do ten repetitions, and stay pain free. 

Now we are onto the hurricanes (fig 3)
this is one of my favorites because it really tests your cores strength! Bring your knees towards your chest, so your hips and knees are at 90'. With total control, rotate to the side of your thigh, back up to the middle, and over to the other legs thigh. This one is a real beast! Do 10 reps here, five per side. 

Now we are onto the over the falls (fig 4)
 Not something we like to do when we are surfing, but I liked the name. Start out with your forearms on the ground, SB underneath your pelvic region, and your legs straight. Extend your legs upward, keeping them straight, and keep your feet together. At the top of the movement, you want to take a picture, squeeze your glutes nice and tight, hold the position for a 2 second count, and slowly return to the start. Don't swing your legs in an uncontrolled manner, and do not bounce them off of the ball!!. Do a total of ten reps here as well.

On to the final exercise of the circuit, the paddle out
(fig 5)
After being in the over the falls position, you can just roll back to you feet and position the ball in your mid section. Keep you feet hip width, hands behind the head and you bellybutton to the spine. Extend upwards in a controlled manner, and slowly return to the start. Complete a total of ten reps here, and grab a drink of water. You have two more trips through the circuit!! Again, I can't stress enough that if you feel pain in your lower back or anywhere else, stop and re-adjust yourself. If the pain continues, see your doctor. 

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When to do:You can complete this circuit prior to or after your current training program.

How many: It can be done 3 days a week, every other day. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps and work your way up!!!


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